Living with Art

Seth Apter heeft een nieuw community-project, vandaar de rest in het engels.

AAAALiving_with_Art_IconIt is about showing how you live with artwork in your home.

I didn’t go upstairs to make pictures of the art hanging there. Neither did I make pictures of the boxes filled with my own unsold artworks.
I have made pictures of artwork that can be seen easily in my home.

Near the backdoor to the patio at the right is this etching showing a building I once did work into (Provinciehuis Zuid-Holland). I was given this etch ( 6/150) when I left Provinciale Staten van Zuid-Holland in 1999.
This aquarel is near the backdoor to  the leftside-patio. Near some copper antiques.
It shows the lighthouse on the Isle of Terschelling, called De Brandaris . I cannot recall the name of the painter.   (update: I remebered: his artist name is Deodatus )
Next picture is a wall in my kitchen, above the diningplace of my cat Benno:
At the left side is a work of embroidery made by a friend. In the middle is a configurationbox I filled with seashells gotten from a friend in Tasmania, the righthand sided one is a picture made by my mother showing the gletsjer “Svartisen” in Norway.
Aside from it hangs a lithograph. It is the first artwork I ever did buy. I did buy it from a galery in the Javastraat in The Haghue.
I amunable to read the name of the artist.
Next artwork is the first mandala I ever painted with egg-tempera.
I made it during a weeks course given by Pieter Torensma ( use google to find his wonderfull tempera paintings).
On the table beneath it you see some of the ceramics I bought ( The black winepitcher by Lucas Florijn- Gouda) and one I did bake myself ( the terracotta/whiteclay vase).
In the bookcase behind/above my computer are some ceramics bought/given/selfmade, a little wooden statue carved by my father and a little bronze statue given to me also in 1999. The little flags are paper with goldpress made in Tibet.
At the other side of the living room is an inherrited oilpainting by H.M.Savrij,. (it needs cleaning- which I cannot afford). But I like it because it shows the landscape near a place I once lived.  Above it balls of glass and papiermaché.
The next picture is an art print of an eggtempara made by Pieter Torensma, the 7 chackra’s, flanked by an antique chinese plate.
Oposite it is the mantelpiece ( without a hearth) with some antique copper and bronze and the 2 biggest mixed-media-works I did make. They did not fit in the storingspace of my studio/aka dining part of the living room 😉 :
The one at the left is Steampunklady, the one at the right is called ‘2 spoons’. ( You can see them here, here and here.)
One side of my studio/diningplace is filled with closets holding my paints, embellishments, papers, vagabond, tools. copperwire etc etc. On top of this closets are some of my paintings and my 3-D-objects:
The little wooden statue in front of the greenish configration box is made by my father.  The little black and blue box above the dark green door is not yet shown on my blog, but will be showed soon.
Last but not least ( although the picture is terrible) is the cabinet opposite my toolclosets.
It holds some trinkets, some of my small paintings ( 15 x 15 cm) and a lot of books altered by me.
This was a tour through my house and home. Hope you did enjoy it.
Can you live without art in your home?



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