Interesting things

The first blog in english, as promissed.

Due to homily circumstances I have not been able to create much past months.  And those things I have created are not yet made into pictures to show overhere.

But to show you, dear reader, that I have not vanished from Earth ( not taken by the little people nor by some Ufo-ians 😉 ) I like you to connect to my Pinterestboards.

In total there are 57 boards :



My favourite bord is the one about altered books and artist books :


Although I also do spend a lot of time at the tutorial-boards. Tutorials for bookbinding, drawing and painting, everything to do with my Vagabond, how to make art=media by your self and so on. Because my boards are ordered alphabetical ( well.., okay, not all of them, there is also  a kind of grouping of interests) you will be able to find each board easily.


And well, there is another board that draws me each time I visit my Pinterest place.

That is the board Cropcircles, Sacred Geometry and strange things. Maybe weird things would have been a better name:


I do hope you will visit my Pinterest-place. I would be honoured if you would become a folower of one or more of my boards.

Do you have a Pinterest-place? Do you want to share it with me and the other readers overhere?  If yes, add your url in a comment for all of us to see please.


And, of course, feel free to link to this page on facebook or Pinterest or..


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