On Pinterest I discovered ‘Flagbooks”.
Never heard of them before.

But I liked them and decided to try to make one.

I liked the outcome, although I did one thing wrong…I did make the covers a little bit bigger than the inside-papers ( as I am used to do with my handbound books). I shouldn’t, because now the book can not stand upright when you bend the frontcover back to the backcover.



Yeah you will see 😉

the first stage

the first stage

You start with making from 1 strong sheet of paper half the inside front cover, the mountain- and valeyfolds and half the inside back cover. You start in the middle and work to the outsides.
I used my Vagabond to diecut 8 bigger and 4 smaller ‘flags” from different coloured paper( but I could also have used ready made tags). I glued the tags on the folds. The row up and the one down go to the right and the  middle one to the left, but i could have glued all rows to the same side.

As you can see the insidecover paper is a bit larger than the 3 rows of tags.

seen from above while cover is spread out

seen from above while cover is spread out

If everything works well you can now embellish your flags or you can do it after finishing all paperwork on your book.

To make a book from  this ‘harmonica-book’  you have to be able to bring the backsides of the folds together. You can not glue or sew them, because in that case you would not be able to flatten all the folds, so now you glue two pieces of ribbon to the backside of the half innerside covers at half the height. Let it dry .

While it dries cut to pieces of cardstock for the outer covers. Make sure they are wide enough  to cover all flagtips when closed.

The hight of the covers should be exactly the same as the inside covers ( and not as I did  a few milimeters higher).

Embellish the two pieces of cardstock at one side to make resp a front and a back cover ( I used pictures from a magazine and the negatives of the diecuts.

When dry, glue the cardstock covers to the backsides of the innercovers, make sure the ribbons are outside the book at the back. When dry add  nice paper over the inside of both cover and inner-cover.



to the left you can see the very pale yellow ribbons tieed together in a bow.



with a closed bow you can flip the pages as in any book

with a closed bow you can flip the pages as in any book


with an opened bow you can spread it flat and see one side of all flags

with an opened bow you can spread it flat and see one side of all flags


What do you think of this flagbook?

And did you ever make one ( or more) ?


3 thoughts on “Flagbook

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    • You are welcome 🙂 I do hope you will enjoy making one 🙂
      I have on Pinterest some tutorials about them, including measurements for the folds.

      I do hope the link will work, if not please copy it and remove the s in https

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