During the past four months I was able to finish a third work ( next to the flagbook and my latest altered book) . A canvas.

Do you remeber that in an earlier post I did show you some papers and canvasses I intended to use as backgrounds?

This one is the one I used :


And this is what it has become:



A multi-layered piece of Art I am very happy about.

Do you like it?

( time for me to get to work for the forms off the incometaxes blah and I so long to create instead of filling in forms)


Have a happy day and enjoy the thought that spring is coming !


5 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Your piece of work is in reality much more beautiful then on your website, so people visit her at home, you will like this woman and admire her art. I am very glad with this piece of art, it is very special to watch it on my wall. Art must be seen on the wall, not on a photo. Thank you very much Cecile, a woman with a golden hart. Greetings Huub


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