The organisation “Belastingdienst” is , in my country, developed to inning the income taxes.

Once a year you have to do your ‘aangifte’ , declaration of income.

Untill some years back you had to do that on paper, lots of forms to fill in, lots of papers to read to see how you had to do it and lots of your own papers nearby to look for the needed data.


Then came the day that you could fill in those forms online with even help-buttons so you could see what you was supposed to fill in.

Okay, so far, so good.

The ‘belastingdienst’ posted advertisements everywhere that said “Leuker kunnen we het niet maken, wel makkelijker”  Translated: We cannot make it nicer, but we can make it more easy.

And indeed, it was easier, especially after they started to fill in for you what they allready did know about your income. You had to verify that ofcourse and it still was your own responsibility to see if you had posts you could subtract from your income ( if you are rich you have them, if you are poor you will not have them. In my country the Government wants the rich to go richer and the poor to go poorer, alas ).

But ofcourse not anyone  has acces to a computer and knows how to use it  *, so untill this year you could choose to do your declaration on paper forms.


But not anymore ! You have to do it digitally !

It is a shame! Especially the older people are upset.  Especially those who have no relatives to help them with it. They have to hire a stranger to do it for them and most of them do not like that or cannot afford to.

But it is a shame in more ways: Today I finally had all the papers I needed to make the declaration of income taxes for both my mother and me. I went to the site of the ‘belastingdienst” ( from where you can go to ‘mijn belastingen’ ( my taxes) and to the safe protected pages where you can do your work).

Well forget it!

Too many people tried to do that today, so the site was down!

What a shame ! Forcing people to do it digitally and not having your servers ready for them !

I am angry !

And a bit embarrassed to by the stupidity of my government.

(( * My mother is 90 now. Because she has noted that I sometimes use my computer as a television and also noted I use my computer for her to find out what the weather will become or some other digital have-to-know, she understands that my computer is not realy a television-set. But that I could receive email is beyond het comprehension at all.

She refers to my computer ( to be correct: to my monitor) as ýour funny little television. ))

How about income-taxes in your country?

And do you (often) feel embarrassed about  the stupidity of your government?

I would love to know, so please comment


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