Crows and Magpies

When I still had the other blog I sometimes put pictures in it of some trees I can see when I sit next to one of my kitchen windows. I did it once per year so you could see how vast the trees ( and the ivy in it) are growing.

I also did write about how a family of magpies were harrassing a family of crows till the crows leaved. I do know they live in the same tree, I saw them building theird nests last spring. When I discovered that magpies build the roof on their nest because of the protection of their eggs and young birds from being eaten by crows I realy did wonder why the magpies did build their nest so close to that of two crows. I still do not know it.


Do you ever look up to the clouds and try to see interesting things in them? Like faces or castles or whatever? Maybe nowadays you are not doing that,but  maybe you did when you was a child?

Well, anyway, I am still a cloud-gazer, it is good to fire up imagination and thus creativity, I think.
And this year the ivy in the above mentioned trees made me see a small animal.

Can you see it? And what kind of an animal do you see?



If you see the same animal as I do see, you see a red squirrel.

2 ears( one larger than the other, a white eye, two front paws near its mouth and a big plumey tail seemingly curling over the washpole of my neighbour. Do you see it?

In the smaller ear to the right the crows have their nest, nearly on the top.
The magpies have their nest in the  tail, you see a spot a little darker than the environment a bit below the left tip of the washing pole.

Maybe I will tell you more about the crows and magpies I watch from my kitchenwindow.

Oh and bythe way, yesterday I saw through that window two buzzards using the thermic to gain hight. I loved to watch that. I recognized the pair and do know where they have their nest.

It is realy wonderfull to live in a village and still being able to watch wild birds from your own window.

And that reminds me of another short story I like to tell about a bird.

On my roof is a thing like this:




In dutch it is called a ‘koekoek’ ( cuckoo). Don’t ask me why 😉
In friesian  it is called a”‘kajuitje’ ( ships cabin)   Don’t ask either 😉

My bed is in such a koekoek, my head near the window ( so that at night I can look up to the stars).

My neighbour has told me that each morning at half past six a sparrow-hawk is sitting there.

I have never seen it, but now at least I know what kind of bird I do hear above my head.
I think the bird takes his pray with her to eat it on my roof, because sometimes little feathers are blown from that roof. When the outside-temperatures are higher I certainly will go outdoors early to try to spot that bird on my roof.


Are you on the lookout for some bird……. like a sky-bird?  😉



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