A tiny dollhouse

Due to the changes in my life recently I am out of my rythm. No, I need to find my new rythm. I had thought that, when I would get so much more free time I would produce artwork after artwork. But the truth is I make as good as nothing. I have made two pieces. I look at them, don’t know if I like them or hate them, don’t know if they are finished or not.
I have discovered that I do paint in 2 different ways. One is that I have clearly in mind what I want to make, I start and I make it ( though seldomly halfway I decide to a change of plan).
The second way is that I calm myself to a deep serenity and then I let the flow come. I paint as if in trance.

But none of these, those days.

If in a frenzy to make something it becomes bad. Serenity is far from me. I feel so restless and so tired in the mean time that I sometimes sit at the kitchentable  and do a  few crosswords. And that while there is so much I realy need to do. And doing those crosswords is so very very useless. I like to see some production coming out of my hands. I want to be creative in all the time I can set aside for that.

Well, something did happen.
Because I will have to leave my beloved house ( no, I do not know yet when) I am getting rid of unused or too bulky stuff. I try to sell things because I realy need the money. So I sold my big dollhouse. It was scale 1:12, had 3 floors,6 rooms including a big kitchen. And everything one could find in an ordinary house could be found in this dollhouse, including games in a cabinet, books with real pictures, a computer in fathers den and so much more.

I made it in the pre-digital years, so I can not show you a picture here.

But to be able to sell the house to someone who would realy appreciate it I became a member of some dollhouse-groups on Facebook ( Dutch ones). And there I did discover something new. Nowadays there are dollhouses scale 1: 24 and even 1:48 ! Wow.

So I became creative again. I did build a new dollhouse. 1:48. It’s width is only 19 cm’s, from a floor to a ceiling it is 5 cm high ( 2 inches). I show you pictures here.

I know it is not art, and I did somethings not right so the roof wouldn’t fit as it should. (And now I know I should have finished the inside including gluing in the furniture before I put the roof on it. 😉 )

I am now making the woman that must come to live in that dollhouse, she is 3,7 cm high. Very tiny, she looks more an orc than a human being.. hm, maybe I must dress her in a burka.

Do you do mini-productions sometimes?




Making the screen betwwn bathroom and sleepingroom was the most time consuming thing

Making the screen between bathroom and sleepingroom was the most time consuming thing, making the flowers ( monnikskap) next best.



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