Today I planned to go to the place my mother lives in because there is a big fair to raise money for a special kind of wheelchair. But the weather is too bad for going there with my ‘scootmobile’ , so I decided to stay at home. I don’t like to travel in rain, hail and wet snow. Brr.

Last time I was there the weather was not so good either, but between bouts of rain there was sun.

happily far away

happily far away




Another good thing about last week was that the cows are in the pastures again.






Okay, back to today.
Because I am busy preparing another old book to alter, long, tedious work tearing pages out, gluing them in bundles of 4 pages and gesso-ing them and waiting to dry for the glue , waiting to dry for the gesso….



I took some time to use my coloured pencils and try out layering on very smooth ( writing) paper. The paper can not hold much pigments,  so it was a chalenge to layer colours as much as possible. I think I made progress in the 3 pages I did. I have noticed that the pictures of those pages do no right to the real pages. In each of them are at least 20 different colours, but on the pictures they are hard to see.







Have you ever tried  to make layers with coloured pencils?

If yes, did you like it?


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