spoiling a perfect springtime sky

When I was young airoplanes did have propellors. I think they did pollute the air, but no one seemed to be alerted to that.
Later there were jet-planes, also polluting, but people started to mind the pollution because you could see the ‘con-trails'( condensation of droplets in the wake of the plane).
Contrails had 1 thing in common with each other: contrails did have a certain length, say 20 times the length of the plane and they kept that length because while the plane ( and its con-trail) moved forward at the backside the trail disappeared. So you could see a silver bird flying with a contrail like a kite with its tail-end., always the same length.

And then 10 years ago or 8 years ago, I am not certain about that, suddenly there were those ‘chem-trails’ , sort of con-trails but not disapperaing at the backend, no, they can be visible from horizon to horizon, not only as a trail, but as a widening streak of white in the blue sky and later as a haze high up in the air, giving a white hue to the blue sky.

This morning the sky was beautifully blue, springtime blue, the colour of forget-me-nots.

Half an hour later the sky looked like this:

IMG_0989 IMG_0990 IMG_0991

3 different views from my patio, made within a minute.

An hour later the sky was a hazy light blue.

I have read a bit about chemtrails. There are different views about what they are.

I think it is possible that chemtrails are a reaction from allready polluted air to  contrails. But I see that as only a small possibility, because if that is the reason the existance of chemtrails must vary from many above industrial areas and it surroundings and very less or zero above pristine parts of the earth. But those contrails are seen everywhere where jetplanes do fly high. So my believe is that chemtrails  are caused by a chemical or more chemicals added to the kerosine.


In online discussions people seem to agree that chem-trails are made by a chemical that is added to the kerosine.

But why and what chemical(s) are added is something that leads to many ( unconclusive) debates.

Also there are different visions about the question if the airline-compagnies are aware or not of their spraying chemicals.


There are some conspiracy-theories that what is sprayed over people is

1) a bunch of germs to cause illnesses/diseases,
2)  a bunch of chemicals  to change  the quality of the soil or the plants growing on them,
3)  a tranquilizer so the people stay calm and don’t fight all kinds of things they should fight against,
4) a bunch of chemicals to change the weather ( for more rain or for more clouds to slow down the heating of our atmosphere.


Those conspiracy-theories do couple one or more cullprits to each theory.

at 1 ) The disseasetheory says it is done by the big pharmaceutical industry, the more deadly illnesses the more medicins can be sold.
Well I doubt that, spreading diseases from planes is a way that does not garantee the people of the pharmaceutical companies are infected too. And maybe many CEO’s wouldn’t mind half of their employees dying, they certainly would mind if their spouse or children would have a big change to die. But some do say they will take the cange because they allready have antidoes for their loved ones.

Ofcourse this can be true, it is terrible what some men and compagnies will do out of greed, but I think the theory is far-fetched.


at 2 ) the soil- and plants-changing theory.
The culpritt named in this theory are Monsanto and some other genetical-modifieing companies.
This is a very complicated theory.
Fact is that monsanto has modified corn ( in dutch: mais) so it is not harmed or killed by a monsanto-product called Round-up. Farmers who have modified corn as crop can douse their soil with lots of roundup to kill all weeds and the corn will not be harmed. They have patented this modified corn (but they als have patented many original food-plant due to a error in the law of the EU- and maybe also in laws of the USA). A farmer who has bought monsanto corn  is obliged to buy  new seeds every year, he is not allowed to save part of his crop to sow next year. There has been a court-case in which a farmer was convicted to pay a lot to monsanto because although he had stopped using monsanto-corn in his crop was a lot of monsanto-corn. So, Monsanto argued, he must have taken part of the monsanto-crop to use as seed for the next crop. And that is a vilolation of the agreement.

Although it is proved that the genetic modification can be spread by wind to non-monsanto-crop ( and that is a reason so many people are against growing modified plants  in the open air) monsanto did win this case.

Now part of this complicated theory is that Monsanto sprays  “something” in the air so that all cornfields will have some gen-modified corn in them and all those farmers could be put to trial also.
If I would do such a thing I would spread the pollen of my corn in the wind, but I would not do that by commercial airliners all over the world, I would do that only in the big corn-growing countries. But I would fear that if all fars are infected the judge would say  gen-modified-corn has come there by natural ways and so farmers are no longer in violation of the agreement about the use of the modified seeds.

Due to  the same conspiracy-theorie Monsanto uses kerosine to spread with it Round-up. The soil will be changed to a soil where-in only monsanto corn and other modified plants can grow. Non-Monsanto-corn will die and the monsanto-corn will live, so all farmers will need to buy monsanto-corn.

I do think that is a very expensive way to spread roundup, especial since it also will drop in the oceans and on wasteland and on cities and towns. If I should want to illegaly spray roundup on non-monsanto-corn I could more easily hire a small plane and make it spray cornfields at night.


at 3) making people behave like zombies doing what the Master orders.

In this theory the culprits most named are The Illuminati, the Bilderberg-group, or a group of non-descript rich and mighty people. All of them want to continue being rich and powerfull, and because more and more people become poor and without power an uprising/revolution may come and that must be blocked by the culprits.

One thing is for sure, I am amazed by how calm many peoples stay and accept stupid measures taken by governments. I for instance am very very angry about what my governement is doing these days , I do think they ruin every good part of the relations in my country and I hate seeing how they keep alive rich bankers and rich banks and multinationals and make normal people poorer, more sick and ill and less learned. If I was not physically weak I would be demonstrating at least one day per week near the door to my parliamnet. So yes, I am distressed by the sleepiness of healthy people in my country, But no, I do not think there is some tranquilizer spread by planes.

Same reasons as earlier: it is not cost-effective and it will enter the bodies of beloved people also.

If you are very rich you can afford to buy bottled water for years ( from Nestlé for instance, they do bottle much drinkingwater, see f.i. how they do that in California), so If I was rich and had bottled water for years and years to come, I would tranquilize ‘ordinairy people and common folks’ with trnaquilizers in the drnking water.

(There is a theory about that also, in that theory Fluor in drinking water is supposed to work as a tranquilizer because it makes a sort of shell about a little part in our brains that, amongst others, sends out hormones to give us emotions. )


Then theory 4, the weather-changing-theory.

Cullprits named are Governements of many countries or ‘the oil-industry’.

Governements to change the weather in their country  so periodes of drougth will be shortened, temperatures in summer must go down, temperatures in winter must get up,  etc.

The oil-industry because if they can slowdown the temperature-rise on earth the longer they can keep selling oil-products without fear it will be banned by governements.


I do think that some governements on earth will try to change the weather ( and even the climate) by spraying stuff in the air, but I do think they would not be so unwise to do that by means of commercial airlines and planes that will fly over a lot of countries. You can hardly ask pilots to put on the spray between this place and that without it becoming news world-wide.
I think governements will hire commercial planes or use militairy planes to spray stuff in the sky but only above their own country, not ten miles high from where that stuff could be blown over the world and your country can not reap the benefits.


Left over from the known theories is the theory about the oil-industry being the cullprit.

One thing is for sure, if some-one wants to ‘contaminate’ kerosine the oil-compagnies can do it easily. They only have to say: buy my improved kerosine, it makes your planes fly 220 miles extra per gallon ( or something like that) and many airline-compagnies would buy that kerosine.

Although I do think many oil-compagnies do not show  high up on morales, I can not think they all would work together to provide kerosine with an addition.



So who the heck is responsible for the making of those chemtrails?

A few hours ago there was  blue sky with some white streaks in it, now there are a few patches of hazy light blue between big parts filled with thick white clouds in which you stilll can recognize the original streaks. A cloudy day, the weather report will say with sometimes a bit of sunshine.


Can you tell me a bit more about chemtrails?


Today ( june 29th 2016,) I did find an article wih lots of links to scientific articles about chemtrails.
It says they are for  climate-change-goals.

read it please:



Update per januari 26, 2017:
Yesterday I came upon another ‘reason’ for those chemtrails and, oh boy, it has to do with a  few more  conspiracy theories. I like that 🙂 .

The past few days there was a lot of ‘news’ about Antartica.

Aside from the earlier found 4-sided pyramid and the artificial entrance to a big cave now they have found ( on goodle earth and on satelite images from NASA- so they claim) more pyramids, something big with pipes in it, something that looks like a big staircase and a disc half in and half out of a cave.

And there are rumors that Admiral Blight ( the one who said he has been into that hollow earth) also did build with his army a big under-ice-Fort.

Atlantean remains? Remains  ( or signs) of alien presence in Antartica ( or rather under Antartica– the hollow earth theory) ? Something to do with  the scienceproject of the Nazies during wwII ?

Those stories are now combined with the ‘secret’ visits by VIP’s to Antartica, like the monarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, John Kerry, then President Obama, the head of the CIA, a british Prince, a Governor-General of something and Buzz Aldrin, the famous astronout and first moonwalker. Some sources say Vladimir Putin will visit Antartica in Januari or February 2017.

The theory says that when the people of Earth are in danger of dying from a big cosmic disaster those VIPS will be evacuated to Antartica and the underground dwelings there, build by or the Americans, or the Nazies, or the Atlanteans or alien beings or…?

You wonder what this had to do with gemtrails?

I will come to that.

But first I’ll tell you about another conspiracy-theory that has to do with the growing instability of the earth-crust. On you tube we can see many video’s concerning so called ‘sink holes’. All over the earth suddenly parts of the ground give way to big holes. On Siberia, in Japan, in Mexico, in Germany, in the USA and  about every where else.

Aside from those sinkholes some big cracks are appearing here and there on the surface, like for instance in Antartica but also South Africa. They are miles long and meters wide.

There seems to be more vulcano-activity and earthquakes and seismologic activity all over Earth the past 20 to 10 years than ever before and scientist are puzzled and shocked by the fact that in 2016 two earthquakes were orginating from so deep beneath  about witch they always did think no earthquakes could originate ( over 500 km down the surface). One source mentioned that  in this half month of the new year 2017 also 2 deep-earth-quakes were registered.

This growing instability of the Earthcrust has become linked to the profecies of amongst others clairvoyants like Edgar Casey who predicted that the North of America would become split in different parts, that half of Japan would be submerged in the sea and that the northern part of Europe will be changed in the blink of an eye.

One theory to explain those happenings as the signs of the ( long awaited) shift in the Earthcrust. ( We know this has happened some times in the history of Earth due to magnetic patterns in old rocks.)

Another theory says those happenings are signs of a growing energy inside the planet Earth due to the fact that some big planetary object is  nearing Earth and its gravity  ‘massages’ the plasma-core in our planet.

That planetary object is called planet X or planet Niburu and some say Niburu is not one planet, but two planets and even two planets and one red dwarf ( is a small sun).

(And therefor we see pictures and videos on you tube with one or more lightsources next to the moon or the sun.)


And now I come to the purpose for which those chemtrails are supposed to be fabricated:

to disable us to see Niburu nearing us.

Yeah. Because if we, poor masses of peoples all over the earth, would have been able to see Niburu entering our solar-system ( or being allready into it?) we surely would panic and think Earth will greatly be destroyed and we all would want to hide into those underground caves in Antartica or being lift away in a spacecraft of the alien citizens of Hollow Earth.


What do you think about this new theory, chemtrails to hide a coming disaster?





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