A small trip

Although I have finished the preparation of my newest altered book the weather was too fine to stay indoors.

I made a little trip ( by scootmobile) to Spannenburg. Spannenburg consists out of 3 houses and a huge transmissiontower.

In this (older) picture you see it from De Heide. De Heide is about 2 km from my village, St Nyk. On the picture you see the churchsteeple of St Nyk in scaffolding. Some 4 km past the steeple is the tower of Spannenburg, so you see it is realy huge. ( click on the picture to enlarge)



From t here I followed the cyclingpath back to St Nyk. All paths and roads have white lace bordering them these days ( Fluitekruid, cowparsley).





In this picture, in the middle of the horizon you see again the churchsteeple of my village. Out of scaffolding now. (click to enlarge).



The cyclepath runs alongside the PrinsesMargrietkanaal for a few kilometers. It is quiet there these days, but when it will be summer many ships are sailing there. This picture is from last summer.

divers 015



I love to ride that path, esp later in the year when the meadows are red with flowering Sorrel ( Zuring).

This picture is from last year.




And this I did buy on the way back, I think I will make a rhubarbtart for sunday. ( Do you see my black cat Benno? He sneaked into the picture 😉 )


In april I posted a blog about coming spring and showed pictures from cows and pastures and trees.

Would you like to see more pictures of the same route  now the leaves of the trees have enfolded?

Would you like to see more pictures  showing the same places in different times of the year?

Please let me know. I don’t want to bore you with pictures you do not want to see.



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