Unable to afford ?

First of all I like to thank all people reading my blogposts and especially those of you who leave a comment or add a ‘like’.

I am very happy and honoured to see that the newer  readers of this blog are artists also  ( Many of them much more talented than I am).

Maybe you have looked at my Exto-site from where I sell ( some of)  my paintings, books and installations.
Maybe you did see a thing you would liked to have bought, but it was too expensive for your budget?

Included on  the prizes on my exto-galery are a big fee for the galery-owners, insurance-costs and shipping.
If you are able to collect an object from my home/atelier the price can go down (sometimes with 40% ).
I do live in a small village in Friesland ( Netherlands) and I do love to show you my work reallife.

There is another way to get some of my artwork cheaply and that is by buying an artcard (kunstkaart). They come in different sizes, you can send one to yourself ( and many others, ofcourse 😉  ). Exclusief porto the pricerange is from  € 1,75 to € 2,25, depending on the size. Sizes are: A6-without an envelope), double card. folded A5 with envelope, A5 laminated without envelope.
I get 10 cents for every sold card. Please make me rich ;).
No, seriously, I do hope you will buy one or more cards, I will feel so proud when people like my work enough to buy such a card.


Now: how to buy such a card:

  1.  go to my exto-site ( atelier ccg)          the link will open in a new tab.
  2. click on 2-D-mixed media ( black) in the part GALERIE (Green )   at the left side of your screen.
  3. Click on the picture of the work you like.
  4.  You go to a new page. You will see the whole work ( and can hoover over it do enlarge details), you can read the description.
    At the bottom of the page you see the measurements of the artwork and its price.
    Under that you can see ( if available for that work)  “Stuur als kunstkaart” Click
  5.  On a new page you can choose the format you want, to whom to send it and a message for  the back of the card.

You can pay with mastercard or paypall etc.


Thank you for reading this far.
Have a wonderfull day / night.







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