Behind my house are two ‘patio’s’ .

The left one has a small table to sit on and one box with flowers to hide the bins.

This year I used all the poppy-seeds I collected last year and threw them in that box. Yes I know there are far to many poppy-plants in that box, but I like it that way. I like the wilder side of plants.



The other patio has less stone in it and more earth and there grows my honeysuckle, a red hydrangea, a big buxus and in big buckets with lungwort ( pulminaria…longkruid), daffodils, bluebells and raspberries ( not together).


The garden in front of my house is my showpiece. Aside from a tamarisk ( Tamarisk) and a Amelanchier ( krentenboompje) there are a riot of plants, mostly strong ones attractive to bees and bumblebees and butterflies.

Yes, sometimes I have to clip roots and dig them out to stop them for spreaading too much and sometimes I do wonder how it is possible for one or two plants to spread so much seed that I would be able to fill my garden with only that species of plant. But I like the surprise to find plants far from where I originally planted them. And to find plants I never sowed or planted and have come by bird or wind  like Lady’s Mantle ( vrouwenmantel).

Here the wild side of Flora can be seen !

My frontgarden must have inspired a neighbour, because in May he came to me, gave me two bunddles of roots with some greenery on top, withered to unrecognizability.

“You have green thums. You may have them”, he announced.

“What are they”, I asked.

“Climbing roses”, he said.

“Thank You”, I anwerred.


First I put the roots in my sink in a lot of water and meanwhile I looked for a place I would be able to plant them. No place with earth ( and enough sun ) to find, so I decided to put them in a pot. but alas, all really big pots were allready filled with other things. So I put them together in one pot.

When there came some leaves I could see they were 2 seperate kinds, but well, what can one do? So I kept them together.

Today one rose has an opened flower 🙂

A great reward, it makes me happy 🙂





What kind of plants do ‘you’ like?






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