My small country

Today I like to tell you a bit about my country.

It is a very small country, hardly visible on a worldmap. I added a red arrow.

the world

the world















Even nearly invissible on a map of Europe.











It is the small dark green country next to the sea that divides te United zKingdom from thes rest of Europe


When Russia was still one country it was counted as the largest country ( place 1) and my country (Netherlands) ranked 153.

To compare it withsome other countries:

as said, Russia ranked 1,

Canada ranked 2

China and the USA fight for 3th and 4 th place *because the USA adds its national waters and the lakes between Canada and America as ‘land’   and China counts in Taiwan as a chinese overseas province *, but this is the list  given by wikipedia:

1 Vlag van Rusland Rusland 17.098.246 km²
2 Vlag van Canada Canada 9.984.670 km²
3 Vlag van Verenigde Staten Verenigde Staten 9.826.675 km²[5][6]
4 Vlag van China China 9.596.961 km²[5][7]
5 Vlag van Brazilië Brazilië 8.514.877 km²
6 Vlag van Australië Australië 7.692.024 km²
7 Vlag van India India 3.287.263 km²
8 Vlag van Argentinië Argentinië 2.780.400 km²
9 Vlag van Kazachstan Kazachstan 2.724.900 km²
10 Vlag van Algerije Algerije 2.381.741 km²

Netherlands                            41.543 km²

My country is smaller than Denmark and larger than Suisse /Schwitzerland.

In America Alaska is the largest state . If you would project Alaska on Europe it would cover all of  Spain, Great Brittain, Italia, Netherlands en France together.

Compared to American states Netherland is in between   West Virginia  and Maryland.


The Netherlands ( translated as lowlands) is indeed a low laying country in the Delta of some big rivers like Maas and Rijn/Rhine an a great part of it is even below sea-level. Therefor we have dikes and dunes between the sea and our cities and villages. And because exp the Rhine can bring a lot of water ( esp when the snow melts in the mountains of Suise and Germany) we have dikes around our big rivers too.

If you want to know more about our dikes and interesting things to protect the Netherlands from flooding please google at words like:  Deltawerken, Neeltje Jans, Maeslantkering, Afsluitdijk, Balgstuw.


Two pictures of the Maeslantkering near Rotterdam:

high seawater level, closed for all ships

high seawater level, closed for all ships

Safe :0  All ships can go to the port of Rotterdam

Safe 🙂   All ships can go to the port of Rotterdamor out to ea again.


The Dutch are famous for their “waterwerken”( waterworks) and all over the world Dutch compagnies advise ( and sometimes build)about  floodpreventing equipment like in New Orleans, but also about making land from/in water ( like the islands for the coast in Dubai and the big airport in Japan amongst others).

One of the greatest names in that field is Ronald Waterman, he travels all over the world to advise states and compagnies.

Ronald Waterman

Ronald Waterman

Except being a real genius he also is a very nice and kind human being and I am very honoured to know him personally. If you want to know more about him and his projects please have a look here .

Okay, one more thing I have to tell you about waterworks:

My country is divied in parts, called  ‘provincies’.

At primairy school I was taught we had 11 provincies.

But now a days we have 12.

On this map you can see that we build that 12th provincie in two parts in our Ijselmeer : the two light brown parts




There is so much more I like to tell you avout my country: about the 3 little pieces that are not completely flat ( we have a hill that we call a mountain), about the different landscapes we have, about our languages, about the highway near my village where it crosses a lake and so much more.

Would you like to read more about my country? And have you a special interest? Ask and I will be happy to tell you avout that also 🙂




One thought on “My small country

  1. Wat wij tweeën al wisten is dat de wereld ‘klein’ is. RW is de stiefvader van mijn halfbroer. Ook weer een voorbeeld van de netwerken in het leven (zie mijn commentaar op je blog ‘Coincedences?’)


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