Suddenly autumn is there

We did have a warm summer, the warmest in 150 yrs with a lot of days with tropical temperatures.

Some days so warm that even 20 degrees C did feel like a chilly day.

And the nice weather continued in the start of spring .., and brought some activities to my village I never did see before.

red paraglider

red paraglider

yellow paraglider

yellow paraglider

The temperatures then did drop a bit, but the geese going south annonced the cold would arrive soon.

The sky was clouded so I could not see them, but I did hear them.

And then suddenly it was autumn, a very chilly autumn, with me wearing my winter jacket and gloves while going by scootmobiel to my mother. There was even frost allready one night.

Some days were a little sunny, but the wind was to cold to make the sunlight feel warm. But the cows enjoyed these temperatures a lot, it seems. I even did see 3 grown cows frollicking like calves. 🙂

cow in the meadow

cows in the meadow

The cows were not the only ones enjoying the autumn sun:

horse posing for a good shot ;)

horse posing for a good shot 😉


I do not know if the range of temperatures makes the months september and october ‘special’ this year.
Certeinly this year is special for as far as it goes with seeds. I have never seen so much seeds of horse-chesnut ( paardenkastanje), beeches (beuken) and oaks ( eiken).

Herewith some pictures of acorns on the ground, laying so dense that the dirt is hard to see on some spots.




May all harvest be this blessed.

How is/was your harvest time?



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