Frisian horses and more

Dear friends,

as you know by now I love the Frisian landscape, the sky above it and the trees and plants in it.

The temperatures today were not very high and I was happy to wear a thick sweater beneath my coat when I did drive out to try to make pictures of birds. Well, I did see  four herons but they saw me earlier than I saw them and were flapping away before I could  take my camera out of my basket.


But I was able to make a nice picture of some Frisian horses at the other side of the canal.

Frisian horses

Frisian horses


I like the look of these horses, they are so big and look so strong.

Ofcourse I took pictures of the landscape, but I will not show them to you. I think I have showed maybe allready to many pictures of the landscape. I don’t want to bore you. ( Please tell me in a comment if you do want to see more pictures of the landscapes around my village.)

In a field men were working to bring a new layer of topsoil on a peace of low lying land ( In spring it was submerged for months by rainwater). Some sort of crane put soil in a wagon and the wagon spread it over the land by shaking it out.

Hm, yes I realy don’t know how to say that in proper English. And the pictures I will show you will not help much because there are some strange fussy orbs in it. But I show two of them here any way.

filling a cart

filling a cart

strange orbs

strange orbs, I think I looked to much to the sun.

Then two pictures from in my village.

autumn gold

autumn gold

autumn red

autumn red

And when arriving home I was greeted by a little purring machine on one of the garden-tables. The black one, because it was much warmer than the white one. And Benno likes warmth ( like all cats). I am always surprised by the look of the black coat of him in the sun on pictures. To my eyes he is as black in the sun as in the shadow.



Do you have a pet that greets you when arriving home?



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