Has it become art ?

Remember that 2 posts back I showed you a failed background and the gears and cogs I would  like to gather together and I did wonder if it could become art ?

Well, this has come out of it:

it has become ...

it has become …

First I painted the background teal, but I used a lot of gelmedium in it, so I could scrape figures in it with a small wooden stick to give it some relief. After drying for 2 days  I added gold crackle paste ( the one from Viva, I like the way their paste realy crackles . see here ) .


As you can see above I did some stamping with red-copper ink ( brand Delicata) with a home-made-stamp the size of an A5, but I used only parts of it.

At last the stamps designed by Seth Apter arrived from the USA (Spellbinders: Turnaround and Frame-ups)

and I used red and black Hero Arts ink to stamp the background.

Then I used gelmedium to add the wings and the gears and some gears on top of other gears ( I did not use all of them, but that does not matter. I am still steampunk obsessed, so I will be able to use them anyway.) I also added to some gears Finnabair’s rust-paste.

The last I did was using a Pitt artist pen, colour sepia, to make tiny scribbles  here and there and to sign my work.


I like to show you some details  in the papers that I used for the top-layer of the wings and some gears and to show you s0me heat embossed details: img_1613







I realy would like to know if you think this canvas has become art or kitch. Please comment.




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