Colourdrops…or Out of the box

Numero 2 in the serie #ARTIfacts has 2 titles, because I could not decide which was best… Will you help me to choose?

One title is Colourdrops. Although there is only one painted drop, the other circles can be seen as droplets too. And they are certainly coloured.

The other title is ‘Out of the box’ because the circles certainly do not stay behind the black lines that define the four boxes. And so do the words I scribled in and out one of the boxes.



I have noticed that sometimes art-critics do see ‘meanings’ in artworks the artist him/herself never saw  ( or not even intended ;). ) Ofcourse I do not want there to be confusion about the underlaying meaning of this work of art. The meaning is: Out of the boxes is a world of light ( the cross in metallic paints) and we all ( the colourdrops) must try to get out of the box and into the light.

Yeah, seriously.


Thanks for reading and please make me happy with a comment or a like (Even those readers on email can send a like from the bottomend of the email). And as said: suggestions for a name for this piece are more than welcome.



4 thoughts on “Colourdrops…or Out of the box

  1. My vote is for Colourdrops. I love the idea of being a Colourdrops, but given my blog name perhaps that is no surprise, really! This is a beautiful piece of art, by the way!


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