Dear readers,

nothing spectaculair today.

Only one picture.

Do you remember that about a year ago I did write about crows and magpies ?

There I showed a picture in which, to me, the ivy did look like a redsquirel.

Now the ivy looks to me like a little dog, a scottish terrier ( I think, I do not know much about dogs).


Do you see a terrier too? Or something totally different.

I am curious 🙂


6 thoughts on “IVY

  1. Hi Midwestern Plant Girl, thanks for your comment 🙂
    Nice to know you are an arborist. I have studied forestry 🙂
    I don’t lnow about this tree soon dying from the ivy. I’ve never seen a tree dying from it. I have read studies in which was said trees do dy from ivy and studies that say they will not dy from it. I am not sure. I watched this tree for 7 years and until now it is as healthy as the other trees around it. Well, time will tell if it will die soon or not.


    • I like your way of thinking also PaperPuff 🙂 But I do not always grap jokes/wordplay in english. But the ones I understand I like 🙂 In your blogposts I mean 🙂


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