A nomination… and a cuddle

There are some art-groups on facebook from which I am a member.

One is the group Kunstliefhebbers (Artlovers would be the best translation I think).
Once a year the owners of the group do make a video showing a few of the works posted in this group.

Here on You Tube you can see the video. In it is one of my works. That makes me proud 🙂

One of the owners, Conny Neyt, did nominate me for The World Art Marathon. That has made me proud too 🙂
I was allowed to show five of my works .


For some personal reasons this was a very sad week for me and my family.

My tears did  influence  even my cat Benno. For the first time in 3 years he got his toy-mouse out of the basket and took it with him to sleep. I think I must give him lots of love and extra care coming days.




6 thoughts on “A nomination… and a cuddle

  1. Congratulations on the nomination and the YouTube clip. I am sorry you have had cause to be sad and I hope this passes soon. Your cat Benno is a beauty.


  2. Cecile, I enjoyed the Youtube video and especially your two entries. Thanks and congrats for being included! I hope what ever is causing the sadness in your family is short lived. I guess it’s the hard times that make us appreciate the easy times more. Give Benno a hug for me.

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    • thank you Billie 🙂 I will hug Benno from/for you 🙂 Well the sadness will be pain for many years. The youngest daughter of my litlle siter has passed away past monday. Today was her cremation. But the nomination and your comment made me feel much better. Thanks and a hug to you 🙂


  3. I just watched the YT video and saw some very beautiful pieces of art.
    You must be very proud. Stay strong and try to express your emotions by making more beautiful art !

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