Leave through the leaf – and leaves book

Leave through the leaf – and leaves book.. in dutch that is Blader door het Blad en Bladeren Boek.

As you see, in English you have just Leaves and Leaf… in dutch there are 3 words: Blader, Blad, Bladeren. And of course after all those B’s there is the Book-B 😉 I like the alteration.


The urge to alter old books, I do not know where it comes from. But although only a month has passed since I finished(  The Dream ) De Droom I could not resist to start another.


Most of the time I only show here on this blog the finished books, but I did think maybe you like to see this book while it is ‘processed’. Part of that idea is that I make more pictures of this book to add them to the project #ARTIfacts. ( see here.)


As always  making this book started with tearing out a lot of pages, glueing them in bundles. This time I used alot of exsisting papers to keep those glued bundles together. Then I used invisible gesso to coat all the pages.

And the the fun started.

The first page:

img_1709The paper of the diecuts I first painted on paper, then I made a picture of the  paper and printed it out so the paper is very smooth and flat. I used Pitt Artist pens to write the words.

And more:


I like to put some little jokes in my books:

img_1708Can you see it is a snail?


And ofcourse there are lots of leaves:


img_1704Green leaves with pressureembossing….

img_1705Flowers have leaves too ofcourse, later on I will add more flowers, but I first have to paint some more paper and diecut it.

img_1702And there are the fruits of trees and bushes


And the animals that live between leaves and twigs and trees and flowers…


what do you think about leaving through this book so far?



7 thoughts on “Leave through the leaf – and leaves book

    • Hi PaperPuff, thanks for your comment.:)
      Yes I think fabulous comes from Latin and I think it also has to to with fable, a story that brings a lesson in ( of?) morality. I don’t mean to bring a lesson in this book, merely show my apreciation of the beauty in nature. I loved to draw this whimsical snail. I wanted it to be a happy snail, I looked online and noticed that most drawings of happy snails had added to them a pair of eyes in the head (and ofcourse they were big eyes because big eyes speak to human beings) and the real eyes were turned into a sort of little horns. And then I saw a calligraphed one and used that to draw one of my own. 🙂

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