Explore # ARTIfacts 6

Yesterdays technicque had been so nice doing  that I tried it again today.

The result is different.

I did the background on the backcover of an hardbound book and the ‘forground’

( the paper I made to make diecuts from) on the same paper as yesterday.

On the paper the paints looked like chalkpaints, but on the bookcover they turned out like some high gloss.

To compensate for the difference I added some gloss pearls to the chalky papers.

The ‘finished’ paper I glued to  the front cover of another old book.

One of the diecuts ( not used)  punched out little circles. I used them to integrate the old bookcover with the newly attached piece.

As you can see I added more diecuts then one and in one of them I attached a small metal piece with the text Explore. ( it is very tiny and hard to read, but when you click om the picture you will get an image where you can zoom in and see all details.. as you can in yesterdays ARTIfact )



What do you think about this Explore-ARTIfact?







One thought on “Explore # ARTIfacts 6

  1. sorry for some unknown reason you cannot zoom in to this picture. But the one from yesterday can be zoomed, so you can see all the layers of paint and stamps 🙂


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