Leave through the leaf – and leaves book (2)

As promissed here  I will show you a bit more about this book. It is far from finished, but it is a big joy to work in it.

No diecut paper flowers added, but some stamped flowers. I do love those colours blue.

Of course more leaves. Some of the stamps are handcarved by me.

Added a hare ( or rabbit ?) next to the hedgehock, owl and fox and  2 pictures out of an old encyclopedia.

Did you know that the most important leaves belong to the family of grasses? Without them our civilization could not have grown to what it is now. ( Okay, we live in a not so civilized world, in many way we are more barbarian now than ever.) Most of the staple foods on earth belong to this family ( Rice, wheat, oat, corn etc).

And the meat we eat comes largely from animals eating grasses.

These are two of the pages dedicated to the Oak. I love oak trees ( and acorns).

More about trees..

Pictures from the same encyclopedia and 3 diecuts ( of handpainted paper) of 3 animals, another fox, an owl and a chipmunk ( ?). Yeah I know owls are not blue, purple and green, but I liked that piece of paper so much and the owl just did fit in 😉

This page you have seen allready, but this time I have added a pheasant. His colour did fit so well on this page, I think.
There are still some empty pages in this book, waiting to be filled.

What do you think of this book sofar?

Aside from working in this book I am working in/on  another book too  ( De Zee. The Sea ), but that will come later.

And I have made a new project I like to introduce with … well.. a teaser…

Please leave a comment to tell me if you would like to see ( parts off) The Sea  or the Teaser first.




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