# ARTIfact 9

Working on two books at the same time ( The Sea/De Zee en het ‘Bladeren-boek/ Leave through the Leaves-book) makes it double slow, esp because I have and had to wait for some materials I need to arrive.

And meanwhile I have been working on a configuration-box.

The box is a TH-design. Although I have also worked with config-boxes from other brands, I prefer those from TH because their measurements are very precise. The little boxes fit exactly in the big box.

I started by gessoing everything ( except the window ofcourse) black. Then I used Finnabairs rust-pastes to give the heavy cardboard outer box an iron-rusted-look. ( So no blue patina in it, because it “is”  iron and not copper.)

And then I filled it with lots and lots of little things from my stash.

For the biggest box I layered some paints on heavy paper to use as background and to make some diecuts.

Dies by Seth Apter ( ofcourse).

I could not find my box with embossingpowders ( yeah I have been rearranging my stuff, a stupid thing to do offcourse.. I got rid off some clutter but am unable to locate things like a box with my embossing powders 😦  ).

So I used perfect pearls in a red copper colour  to colour the topmost circle.

the box with windowed lid


detail 1


detail 2

and more details:




the box with windowed lid

Tell me please what you think about it.

And if you want use the tags to find other configuration boxes I have made these past years.

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂




4 thoughts on “# ARTIfact 9

  1. thnx PaperPuff,
    and the effect is easy to reach. What I like esp in the Finnabair’s rustpastes is that the have a structure realy like ust has and can be applied by a brush 🙂


  2. I love this, Cecile. All the little bits and pieces begging the viewer to come in for a closer look. The term ‘configuration-box’ sounds so magical to me and I like the mystery.

    Liked by 1 person

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