Hi Folks, what’s up?  😉

I am updating  this blog, due to 2 reasons:

First I need more upload-space for pictures, secondly I have decided to end my subscription to EXTO.

Exto is a side where artist can offer their works for sale. I did think it could make better sales because a third party ( the exto-people) see that goods are delivered and that payments are done.  They are a kind of middle man.

But over the years ( 3 now) I have not sold one work through them. The works I have sold have been through this blog or to people who had come to visit my atelier/studio.

Therewith comes that exto has some very riggid ideas about the pictures you do upload. You may not show the frames of your paintings, the painting has to fill al of the picture, no parts of background alowed. Well, as regular readers overhere you have seen I often have difficulties to photograph even rectangular work as a rectangle. And not all my works are squares or rectangles. And then I am not even speaking about assemblages , 3 D-objects and altered books.


So I have decided to advertise my work on this blog. I am making pages to show the works for sale, with a very short discription, a thumbnail-picture, the price and a link to the blogpost in which I did write about this work.

It is a lot of work to be done. I will announce it when the new pages are published and in working order.

Aside from deleting older pictures I also will  delete some older posts. I also mean to get rid of posts and pictures related to landscape, nature and my very beloved trees. Maybe one day I will update my Photobucket with them.

So more and more this site will be solely (my) art-related.


As long as I am a member of EXTO you will be able to buy artcards of some of my works.

Have a look here.  At the left bar you have to go to   kunstkaart versturen.  ( I get 10 eurocents for every sold artcard so please make me rich. 😉  )


Thank you for reading this post and hope to see you soon again.

And please, feel free to comment about my plans for this site 🙂


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. This does sound like a lot of work but it also sounds very exciting and I can’t wait to see the changes.
    Good luck


    • thank you Melinda 🙂
      When you look at the top of this page you can see a link to the introduction of the sales pages.
      The first sale=page can be found there. (It is still under construction ).
      I am very curious to find out what you ( and other viewers) think about this page.
      Good? Or no good?
      What would make it better?
      Thnx in advance for letting me know 🙂


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