# ARTifact 22 Threading softly

For this poring I used a silver metallic and 3 colours of paintchalk ( white , blue and pink), for some reasons the white paint mixed a lot with the pink paint making a light pink colour.
Well,  I am not very happy with pastel-colours. But I liked the patterns that came to be. So I show you this piece of work anyway.

Do you love or like pastel-colours?


Threading Softly

detail 1


detail 2




5 thoughts on “# ARTifact 22 Threading softly

  1. I love pastel colors! And I like how this looks organic; kinda’ like vertebraein parts. There’s a tension there between it being so organic and having these kind of bubble gum colors that I really like; I like the red dot accents. How did you do that?

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    • hi myrepeatingpaterns 🙂
      I did the red dot accents by using a bit of a left over bit of another red from an earlier pouring. I just let them fall down on the places I wanted them. 🙂


  2. I usually prefer brights over pastels but this made me think of a warm summer day and that’s just what I needed on a cold winter afternoon.
    Thank you for sharing.

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