An update again

Dear readers,

as I wrote earlier I am making pages for the items I sell.

Today I sort of finished  the page about my altered- and artist books.  Have a look please 🙂

I have not counted how many artist’s books ( AB) I have made, sold and have for sale, but I discovered that the book Leave and Leaves ( I am still working on it ) is altered book 39. Well, that is ofcourse if I do not finish my book about the sea first. Then Leave and Leaves would become book 40.


I also discovered that I have not written a blog about all books made by me ( still for sale), so in a short while I will post a blog about altered book 25 Natuur ( nature)

front and back of Natuur

Another discovery has been that I have not been consistent with tagging.

I could find some of my altered books by using the tag ‘altered book”and some with the tags ‘altered books’.

So in the future I will be busy to  add consistency to new and older blogs.


I also noted that not all my paintings have their own blog, or any blog at all.

So next to a blog about the book Natuur I will write a blog about a small painting called Rimpelingen / Ripples.


What do you think about the new page?


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