# ARTifact 28 : Paper

As I said in an older post I was going to try a new way of painting ( new for me that is ; maybe because I have no formal art-education).

It has to do with splattering alcohol in a not dry layer of acrylic paint. The alcohol ‘bites’ away the colour. So you get circles  etc with a rim of the colour of the last layer and an inside of the earlier layer(s). You dry it and then repeat the proces for so many layers you want.

When I was happy with the layering I used bubble plastic to add some more structure.

Then I outlined structures I liked especially with light colours ( white with yellow, white with blue) or with a mixture of dark blue and purple.

The colours I used were 2  yellows, white, purple and cobalt blue.

After a days drying I added some gold paint. In some detaile-pictures part of the gold shows as orange.

ARTifact 28

detail 1


detail 3

detail 4


I painted this on paper because I do not have canvasses big enough for this technique. Ofcourse I did gesso the paper first.

It was great fun to paint this and I like the result very much.

Do You?



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