about my vida-shop

update per august 11:

I can offer you two kinds of welcome-codes. They expire on the 15th of august

welcome codes are  $25 off $75+  (with code Welcome-25)

or  $75 off $200+  (with code Welcome-75)

Expires 08/15/17

You can find my collection here:


With kind regards.


hi Readers and friends,

Maybe I am overdoing the advertisement for my shop, but I am enabled to give you a coupon so you will pay less for anything you buy from my shop or any other vida-shop.

Use this link

Vida has apparel, assecoirs, homedecor all designed by artists from around the world and the manufacturing partners take care of literacy, womans rights and personal financial education for their workers.

Each item will be manufactured esp for you and be send by mail to your home-adress in 4 -6 weeks.

Have fun 🙂





One thought on “about my vida-shop

  1. Some people did ask me what kind of fibre is Modal. VIDA says this about it: Our Modal scarves are made out of 100% MicroModal® by Lenzing, a luxuriously soft, botanical silk fabric made out of European beechwood. Because of Modal’s botanical origin, it is eco-friendly and its feel is comparable to that of natural silk. MicroModal® offers a soft, beautiful sheen with colors that are bright and vibrant. The completely natural fiber of this scarf is made in a fully integrated facility in Austria, optimized for production synergies and energy conservation by using eco-friendly production processes. The fabric is then woven in a small factory in India. VIDA collaborates with the owner and workers of this factory to produce the perfect thread-count and weave for optimal softness and sheen.


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