Nice news

Dear readers,

I have some nice news !

Atleast, to me it is nice news, but ofcourse I do hope you also will think it is nice news.

Some of you have asked me if it was possible to buy prints or artcards made from my art.

Via EXTO I have tried the art-card-concept, but I was not happy with it because it took weeks before a card arrived even in the Netherlands. My exto-account will be closed down per september first.


But now some of my art is available as pillowcover, scarf, sleeveless knit top or men’s pocket square. 🙂

The American onlineshop receives the orders  and then the item will be weaved in Pakistan. Within 4 to 6 weeks the order will be delivered  at your home by mail. 🙂


I think it is a great concept and ofcourse I do hope I will earn a little money out of it.

Here are 2 examples of what I sell there.





And the same design on a sleeveless knit top.


I would be honoured if you would visit my (fashion) studio overthere and please let me know what you do think about it.



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