Seth Apter’s embossing powders for artists

Greetings dear Readers,

Due to some health issues I was not able to create much past weeks.

And I am altering two books at the same time, so that goes even slower than it normaly would.

What I am going to show you today is certainly not art with a capital A.

Some times ago Seth  made public that there would be a new line of embossing powders, specialy made for artists.

I love to work with embossing powders and when I did see the demo-video’s I pre-ordered all of them.

The day before yesterday they did arrive by mail.

Today I was able to test them in my art journal. I also added some of my other embossingpowsers as well. Not all of them because some of them are made to be used on dark backgrounds.


Here you see them:

artjournal embossingpowders

One of the colours of Seth’s line is missing: that is ancient beeswax.

It is the only translucant in the line. In one of the two books I am working on I prepared a page ( with printed tissuepapers, markings and stamps) to use the beeswaxpowder. It has become this:

page with ancient beeswax layer.



I am not unhappy with it, but it needs some more working on, I think. But I have seen in the demo-video’s that I can apply a second layers of the embossing powders on top of the first to get a more smooth surface.

I do hope you will like this post although it is not about Art  😉


6 thoughts on “Seth Apter’s embossing powders for artists

    • hi righteousbruin9,
      I do not know if they are indeed more flexible than acylics. Of course you can only use them on surfaces that can be heated to high temperatures. They can be used upon acrylics, but than you have to accept the boiling and thus bubbling of the paint. I use the embossingpowders mostly on diecuts., those from rayhr are esp good for silver and bronze. Those of Seth Apter are esp good for special effects, but, I think, they need more heath than powders of other brands ( because they are more chunky). But they certainly are fun to experiment with. So enjoy 🙂


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